Area Peak Season — Spurs to Action Caldwell, ID

As Caldwell Peak Season Dawns, 2 Spurs to Action

Two Signs Spark Caldwell Peak Season Action

Will Two Signs Ignite this Year’s Caldwell Peak Season?

The rationale behind Caldwell’s “peak season” for home sales may be open to question, but the fact of its existence has been firmly established for decades. Across the U.S., come springtime and summer, history confirms that the pace of real estate transactions quicken. Last year provided a rare exception — but no one expects it to be repeated in 2021. All expect more homes will be put up for sale, more buyers will appear on the scene, and more sales will result.

  1. There is rare unanimity that U.S. residential prices are expected to continue their rise. If that proves true, it may not only serve to nudge buyers off the fence ASAP — it also raises the expectation that a year or two from now, the wisdom of that decision will be confirmed.

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