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Area Homeowners Avoid Worry #2 Caldwell, ID

How a Buffer and a Waterfall Benefit Caldwell Homeowners

Caldwell Idaho Homeowner Worries Curbed by Buffer and Waterfall

Caldwell Idaho Homeowner Benefit from the “Buffer” & “Waterfall”

It’s been a worrisome stretch of time, no doubt about it.

  • Although in October that decline began to stall, by January of this year, unemployment had fallen to 6.3% — well below experts’ predictions.
  • Even for loan borrowers with a high risk of default, the rise in home equity (called the “home equity buffer”) is something that “can keep foreclosures at bay” in most states.
  • The “loss mitigation waterfall” will further minimize foreclosures.

After moving away from Idaho to California and Arizona, I am back! Idaho is home for me. My husband, our three kids, and I enjoy the simple life.